We so sorry to announce  that after much consideration we have decided to close the Canine Habitat. Although the Hab will no longer be operational our philosophies, methodologies and behaviour services will continue to be available through

Thank you so much for your support and understanding. We hope to see you and your dog again along the path in this next chapter. 💜💜💜 

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY-  Excellent opportunity for a home owner who wants to become immersed in the dog training/behaviour & rescue world. Includes all required training to run this in-home business along with: branding, marketing, client lists, programs, policies & procedures, website, domains, emails and protocols. Please be aware that this business requires a physical rural location in a home environment where the home owner is prepared to make modifications to accommodate dogs in care. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us directly [email protected]  

Welc​ome to The Canine Habitat 

Where dogs are TRULY understood

The Habitat is a kennel-free boarding solution, but we prefer to think of it as labour of love and a lifestyle. This business operates as a professional multi-dog household. We are happy to have found a solution for owners needing to board their dogs but not wanting to use a kennel. Our home is lived in full-time, by a qualified behaviour coach, who operates the household as a r​eal​ home. Habitat residents are treated as members of the family throughout their stay. Operating from a three bedroom, open concept, single family home, The Habitat is located in rural suburbia nestled between two original farms just off Hwy 7 in beautiful Perth, Ontario. 

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The Canine Habitat is a *kennel-free boarding solution that is tailored for one-on-one pet care and behaviour rehabilitation. This cozy rooming house operates as a professional multi-dog household. Our home has a full-time Canine Coach who lives on-site and operates the household as a real home. Habitat residents are treated as members of the family throughout their stay. Operating from a multi-bedroom, open concept, single-family home, the Canine Habitat is nestled between two original farms just off of Hwy 7 in beautiful rural Perth, Ontario

We specialize in canine behaviour modification and training, pack-work, rescue rehabilitation and puppy social development. 

*During your dog’s stay at the Habitat, every dog will have periods of ‘confinement’ no more than 4 hours at a time (aside from overnight). This means there will be times when they are left unattended in a ‘safe place’. Kennel-free does not mean confinement or crate free.  We use tethering, crating and confinement responsibly. 

Due to the nature of our Habitat house, we do not allow for personal tours. 

We will be offering open house days that will be announced on our social media. 


We are Open with Safety Protocols 

We are considered an essential service in Ontario.

"Businesses that provide for the health and welfare of animals, including veterinarians, farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters, zoos, aquariums, research facilities and other service providers"

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Due to COVID-19, we are no longer offering transportation services for the foreseeable future.

We offer transport services to and from Ottawa on Mondays, Wednesday’s & Fridays pending availability. Owners are welcome to do their own transport Monday-Friday and  Sunday afternoons. There will be no pick-ups or drop-offs allowed on Saturdays. 

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